About Us

The Moscow Center of Urban Studies “City” is an open venue for experts created and supported by the Complex of Urban Planning Policy and Construction as well as by the Russian Public Opinion Research Center. Its mission is to get professionals interested in exploring urban development issues.

Its goal is to promote cooperation of city authorities, scientific institutions and professionals with local residents in discussions of planning, construction and development of cities. The Moscow Center of Urban Studies unites over 100 experts on architecture, city planning, urban development, transport planning, tourist destination development as well as landscaping and garden design.

It holds panel meetings, open discussions, expert sessions and roundtables on red hot issues of urban planning and development. Public officials, business professionals and media representatives as well as professional experts and members of social communities are regularly invited to take part in discussions.

Events attended by the Moscow Center of Urban Studies since 2015:

  • MIPIM 2018, 2019: several three-day business programs at the stand of the Moscow Government (Cannes, France);
  • Arch Moscow 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021: panel discussions with the participation of heads of various departments of Moscow Government, Russian and international experts as well as directors of architectural firms;
  • MUF 2017, 2018, 2019: roundtables, panel discussions and design sessions involving representatives of Moscow Government, heads of investment and construction companies as well as global experts;
  • Expo Real 2019: an investment session (Munich, Germany);
  • WUF 10 2020: a session on sustainable development supported by UN Habitat (Abu Dhabi);
  • TASS, RIA News 2015-2021: series of discussions on urban planning and development as well as on implementation of large-scale investment projects.